The Paranormal Vortex

A vortex in everyday life is a whirling mass of either air or water or in some instances, fire. The whirling motion has the effect of drawing the surroundings of the vortex to its centre through suction like forces. It is usually seen as a turbulent flowing motion spiralling around a centre of rotation. Natural examples of a vortex would be whirlpools, water spouts and tornadoes.

Paranormal vortexes are however quite different and there is a range of views and definitions of just what a paranormal vortex is. It is generally recognised that there are two main types of vortexes: a spiritual vortex and a paranormal vortex, both of which are described below.

Spiritual Vortex

Spiritual vortex sites are believed to be located along the earth’s ley lines and exhibit energy forces on multiple dimensions. These can be found in locations throughout the world and attract people from all walks of life but are of particular interest to those with a belief in metaphysical spirituality.

One of the better known sites for this is located in Sedona in Arizona, USA. This is an area where for hundreds of years Native Americans have recognised the special nature of this location, performing many spiritual ceremonies. Recently it has attracted many people who come to explore its metaphysical dimensions.

Paranormal Vortex

A popular description of the paranormal vortex is a space or location where spirits can travel without restriction between our world and the other side. A key part of this explanation is that there is no association between the spirit and the location of the vortex and it is only used as a point of passage.

This important qualification to the phenomena of vortexes is used to explain why for example hauntings can change from the original reporting and why hauntings can sometimes continue even after a specific location has been ‘cleansed’.

Many hauntings where a vortex is suspected show similar traits, the most significant of which is the fact that hauntings continue in a particular location or house irrespective of who is residing there or how many owners have come and gone. This is often cited as evidence of the fact that hauntings are attached to a location rather than a person.

Removing or closing a vortex is an interesting topic and one where there would seem to be little in the way of fact and hard evidence. Some paranormal researchers believe that the vortex energy can be redirected elsewhere whilst others believe that the energy itself can be dispersed. Others will say that a vortex simply cannot be closed.


The conclusion in regards to Paranormal Vortex is that there is no conclusion. Whilst many will point to a range of photographic evidence (mostly of apparent white rods or streaks) these can often be explained by simple and natural occurrences of dust, flares of light or even camera straps.

There is no reason to disbelieve the possibility of a concentration of energy that could cause paranormal activity in the form of a vortex and whilst there has been no substantive photographic evidence, occurrences have been widely reported for hundreds of years.

So in the meantime, watch this space.