For as long as there has been the suggestion of paranormal activity, there have been people trying to watch, communicate and even capture these anomalies. The market for equipment to help find proof of these activities is enormous and the technology improves every year. However, as technology advances, new problems arise, from image tampering claims to paranormal activity sucking life out of modern camera batteries. ‘I entered the well-known ghost hot-spot with a fully charged battery as well as a spare. After two pictures the camera was displaying signs of low battery. I swapped battery packs and the unused one was also empty. I’ve never seen anything so bizarre. For me it’s just further evidence paranormal activity is real’ said ghost searcher Terry Hunter.

Technology and choice

Photographers of the paranormal are faced with difficult choices when choosing which camera to use. Modern cameras are more advanced, easier to process and crucially for ghost hunters, are often inbuilt with infrared technology. Drawbacks of such hi-tech equipment however, is that the technology is programmed to clear up blurry images, often wiping signs of paranormal activity.

The best equipment is hugely important when searching for paranormal activity, and there is no limit to the level of equipment you can buy which will best detect them. ‘When searching for the best cameras to capture paranormal images, infrared technology is a necessity, and if possible, night vision is a great help. The same is true for camcorders’ says Jennifer Stevenson from The GhostHunter Store.

Essential equipment

There really is a huge range of equipment to choose from these days and the investment doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s the base list of equipment most experienced research groups will consider to be the minimum required:

  • Digital camera
    It’s all about capturing the image. You can get a lot of camera these days without having to spend a fortune. Take note however that phone cameras, even with their high resolutions, won’t do the job because of their small image sensors.
  • Video camera
    A great component to have available. Carry ready to use or set it running on a tripod and see what it catches. Must have night vision features.
  • Digital recorder
    The preferred choice for recording electronic voice phenomena.
  • Torch
    Simple but essential tool when searching about in the dark.
  • Pen and notepad
    Best for keeping notes on equipment readings, sightings, events and even your thoughts.
  • EMF meter
    This detects electromagnetic fields where the movement or disruption of these could signify a presence.
  • Motion sensor
    To detect movement you cannot see.
  • Thermal scanner
    The discovery of ‘cold spots’ may signify the activity of a paranormal presence.
  • Dowsing rods
    Bit of an old school one this which is claimed to detect the presence of ghosts.
  • Extra batteries
    For all your electronic equipment.
    This would be enough to enable you to conduct investigations and hopefully record something worthwhile.

Technology for paranormal research does not however need to be advanced or expensive. Although often controversial, Ouija boards have been around for hundreds of years and are used globally to communicate with deceased spirits of loved ones. Other basic tools include microphones to trace sounds of spirits and even thermometers, again using heat to locate activity spots.