We are a small team who strongly believe that there is substantive evidence of paranormal phenomena, a lot of which remains unexplained, but all of which needs a scientific approach in its research to enable us to understand just what it is all about.

A scientific approach to this subject is essential for the sake of credibility and to ensure that data and evidence is presented in a way that can be understood, believed and trusted. As part of this process we must also provide an effective mode of education to the general public on the concepts and methodology used in the approach and investigation of the paranormal.

We are therefore very much behind the move towards establishing a more ethical and structured approach to the professional investigation and research of the paranormal and would back a globally recognised standard for the profession and even a formal governing body to establish best practice guidelines.

Our objective is to highlight all aspects of this fascinating subject, act as a coordinating influence for investigators and researchers and promote the concept of continuous improvement and a move towards establishing a professional and ethical association of like-minded people.