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The Scientific Investigation of Ghosts

The general investigation of ghosts has too often been lacking in objectivity and a firm scientific base. There is little scientific evidence that could truly prove that ghosts are in fact real. Part of the problem is that, as of yet, there is no such thing as a bona fide ghost detector. The so called scientific equipment used to search for and capture the presence of ghosts in the end boil down to cameras and audio recording equipment. It is for this reason that the scientific investigation of ghosts has oftentimes been seen as a unscientific and a domain popularised by amateurs and those for whom it is an enthusiastic hobby.

Whilst there are tools that might indicate the finding of a ghost or that a ghost might be present, there is nothing that is that is definitive in its ability prove the case. To some extent this reflects the fact that there is still so much that is unknown about death and what happens thereafter.

One of the biggest problems is that people tend to fall into the category of either believer or non-believer. Because of their preconceived ideas, people have a hard time being objective when it comes to evidence that is for or against the existence of ghosts. For example, when a picture is taken of something that looks like a ghost, many people just want to believe that what they are viewing is a ghost. They lose their objectivity and do not consider the range of possible normal explanations of what it could be. Their predisposition to class even the flimsiest of evidence as reality, is one the aspects that detracts from establishing a more scientific approach to this subject.

Another issue with the scientific investigation of ghosts is that it is next to impossible to prove. When people have an experience with ghosts, there is usually no solid way that they can test what has happened to them. They can only describe what they experienced, and depending on the circumstances and the people involved this can not only be difficult but often misleading.

This is not to say that ghosts do or do not exist. It is just saying that there are problems with this field because many people have difficulty being objective about it. Also, the lack of being able to prove an experience can make it difficult to establish a more scientific approach. However, the more people continue to investigate, the more chances they have of discovering whether or not the so far unexplained can in fact be explained.

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